About Me


I’m from London in the UK where I lived and grew up. At the age of 33, I immigrated to Canada, in search of the big wild outdoors, opportunities, and new adventures. I was attracted to this vast country with its population of almost half that of England, and a lot of water. Although Montreal has been my home for the past few years, where I was touched by the warmth of the people, and a beautiful multicultural mix of communities from all over the world, I consider myself a global citizen and live wherever my curiosity takes me.

I’m a visual artist, filmmaker, and activist. My medium of choice, as a Visual Artist is painting and drawing, and working in the entertainment business since 1997, I have been a sculptor-mold maker making sets for films and TV shows, and I’ve also worked on many productions as a prosthetic make-up artist, making creature FX for films like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Brothers Grimm, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, James Bond and several of the X-Men movies.

Integrity, authenticity, appreciation, and quality, are values that radiate through my artwork with high attention to detail, by my choice of materials, and how I portray my subjects in portraits. I discover their essence, by carefully studying the history ingrained in their faces, listening to their life stories and talking with them. My curious nature leads me to challenge and question the status quo, addressing issues surrounding the interconnectedness of humanity, global warming, and environmental pollution. Currently, I am designing collaborative projects, programs, and workshops where people are invited to participate in creative challenges, games, and activities to reconnect them with their authentic selves and with each other, resulting in magical moments shared in real-time. This is in line with my mission to develop unity within Humanity and work towards a world of appreciation and peace.


Charlotte Greenwood

The author of create connect