Paulina Roach:
What an inspirational human being! Regardless of what you want to accomplish in life, having Charlotte by your side will get you there so much faster!!

Gerry Rosanove:
I had the good fortune of spending 2 weeks with Charlotte in the Bali ilab recently. She possesses a profound joy and enthusiasm that is totally infectious. She exudes an extreme openness that instantly made me feel at ease and connect effortlessly with her. She’s always willing to meet me where I am and is a true friend. She’s a natural uplifted and an inspiration to be around.

Haumea Hanakahi:
Charlotte has the amazing and rare ability to identify and see Essence…and re-create it in her work, whether painting, sculpture, word-smithing. It makes her work stand out as sublime. While she can be playfully whimsical and magical…never underestimate her depth as well. She is a deep and complete thinker. Her creativity to motivate and coach others knows no bounds. Original and unique, she is utterly charming.