Are You The Warrior Spirit?



I perceive the Warrior Spirit to be a code, or a set of values by which someone lives their life. A code of conduct. These values are the result of having been practiced, and meditated upon, over a lifetime, through trial and tribulation. Through failure and determination, these values have been forged and embedded into the person who has adopted them. 

Someone who lives their life strongly in line with the core values of a Warrior to me, is ready for anything in life. The values of a Warrior are balanced between the more stereotypical traits associated with Warriors like fighting and aggression, and the more sensitive traits associated with consideration, creativity and contemplation. 

Throughout time there have been many Warrior cultures. For example the Assyrians, Scythians, Spartans, Vikings, and the Samurai, to name just a few.

The point here isn’t to write a historical count about Warrior cultures, and who they conquered, but to understand the spirit that underlies these powerful, dominant and brave people, who embody the scars of battle, as their virtues.

Despite their varying identities, and styles of fighting, what I feel is curious, is the characteristics of the person that it takes to be able to fight, survive and thrive through and after combat. 

The physical and mental tribulations that Warriors have lived through, surely changes their perspective on life forever. As much as the perspective of an Astronaut, as they return to Earth after a mission to outer space. What seems to be the common thread between these two examples is that they have experienced life at its extremities, pushing its limits towards the face of death.

The key component to forging the Warrior Spirit in any human, I believe, is working through limits of every kind imaginable. It is in this variety, at this intensity and in this consistency of practice, that the Warrior Spirit is developed. 

It is a complete and balanced set of characteristics that come from fighting at the extremes of your very existence. It comes from staring death in the face, living through conditions which push through limits, physically and mentally. It comes from working together as a tight team, fighting for honor and loyalty in the name of human connection, and from developing a profound understanding of the value of human life. It comes from discipline, discomfort and working through fear. And from having deep seated self-awareness, peace and knowing love, because you fought so close to death for your brothers and sisters.

All this, I didn’t learn from having been through combat myself, but I have consciously and consistently, put myself in situations, some of them very uncomfortable, which pushed me through thresholds and taught me these virtues. The life I chose, and continue to choose to live has left me with a deep seated respect and understanding of life, humanity and nature. 

I believe it is completely possible to learn these virtues, without going to war, and by living “all in”, fully present, honouring the privilege that it is to live as a human being on this Earth. 

By being creative, curious and motivated to continue becoming a better human being through practicing sports, seeking adventure, being in wild nature, practicing meditation, art, appreciating people, and showing gratitude for being alive, we can all embody The Warrior Spirit, wherever we are and in whichever circumstances.

The Virtues of a Warrior for me are: 
















If you feel motivated to take on more of one or more of these virtues, write WARRIOR in the comments below, or contact me in a PM. 

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