The answer is: WE ALL HAVE DONE BOTH.

Remember what it felt like? Was it scary to let go, and step into vulnerability? 

You bet, right! And how amazing, energized and proud did you feel when you followed your heart?

I’ll tell you. From my own experience, it doesn’t always smell of roses to BE COURAGEOUS, and let my HEART LEAD the way, but when I do, I know I’M ON THE RIGHT PATH, to fulfill my life purpose and mission.

So, WHY am I writing about all this? 

Because of the QUALITY OF LIFE it brings to you, and those around you, when you follow your heart. It has a compounding effect on your overall wellbeing and your health, as it plays a major role in reducing the stress factors in your life. It simplifies life, bringing clarity, abundance and endless LOVE.

The key is LETTING GO OF FEAR and jumping both feet BOLDLY into the VOID of UNCERTAINTY with COURAGE, CONFIDENCE and BELIEF that it will all turn out OK, because YOU HAVE the knowledge to FIND ALL THE ANSWERS.

What is your INNER COMPASS? It is the compass that is your HEART. It’s set up to guide YOU, and no one else. Your inner compass is UNIQUE to YOU. It lets you know where YOUR TRUE NORTH is. It lets you know what’s RIGHT FROM WRONG. And the language it speaks is INTUITION. 

So, get this: they don’t teach intuition at school. 

How do you learn that language then, you might ask? And ultimately, how do you learn how to understand what your heart is communicating with you? Big question right?

Well, I will tell you an important story of a pivotal moment in my life, when I listened to my heart, why I did, and why I always do.

Back in 2018, I was working as a Crossfit Level 2 Trainer in a small gym in Montréal, Canada. I was living what had started out to be my dream, but as the years went by, I began to feel stagnant, taken for granted, and not in an environment that was supporting or nurturing my growth as a trainer or as a human being. 

I had certain financial security, although not enough to bring me freedom to expand myself into my fullest potential, or to pursue the plans I have envisioned for my future. 

I had more time on my hands than when I had previously worked in the film and TV business, to dedicate to my personal Art projects, and I was giving back and contributing to the wellness of the local community. So it wasn’t all bad, but, I had a different vision for my life. I knew deep down that I had a hell of a lot more to give this world.

After enduring frustration, compounding stress and sadness for too long, I saw the flame I had inside me, that had been burning so brightly for years, start to wither and fade into a smouldering pile of embers. I knew it was time to leave, but I found it so hard to leave the amazing community and a certain financial security behind. 

I could feel the pressure building up inside me, the voice in my head that was saying “what are you waiting for? You aren’t happy here, you know you need to leave…Just do it!”

After ignoring that voice for way too long, a string of events happened at the gym, and the limits of my tolerance were breached. I snapped out of my slumber, and clarity appeared in an instant. I pulled up my sleeves, stood up for myself, for my values, for my talent, for my potential, for my future and most importantly for my heart. 

I took a deep breath, threw caution to the wind, and jumped into the void of uncertainty with courage, confidence and belief, that I would find the answers and solutions I needed to thrive into my greatness.

I had nothing planned as back up, what I had just done was taken a BIG RISK. I had  no financial cushion, no revenue, but I had my freedom, and I had just poured OXYGEN all over my smouldering embers, and the FIRE WAS RE-IGNITED. 

My self worth returned, my heart was excited. I had no self doubt beating me down day after day. My confidence was doing a happy dance, and I felt ALIVE.

This action was a key, to unlocking the next chain of events that led me to discovering the courses, the people, the communities, and uncovering the knowledge, that has been propelling me, from strength to strength, to the place that I am presently at today. 

Since last November, I have got myself free of a relationship that was poisoning my soul. I invested most of my money in a voyage of self discovery and expansion, which took me to Las Vegas, and then on to Bali, Indonesia, with the intent of paving out a life of fulfillment, intention, positive global impact, connectedness and creativity.

In January this year, I launched CREATE CONNECT, which I feel is becoming the extension of my creativity that I have been preparing for all my life. But if I hadn’t LET GO, and listened to my HEART COMPASS, it might never have happened.

My HEART COMPASS is my pride, my best friend, my passion, my fire, my innovation, my creativity, and she takes care that I STAY ON MY LIFE PATH. She is my PARTNER for life.

So, the moral of the story is, whenever you hear that voice in your head telling you something, don’t ignore it. THAT’S INTUITION. Listen to it with an open mind, and see what it has to say. If you feel a knot in your stomach when you think about changing something significant in your life, THAT’S INTUITION. Pay attention to that feeling. LEARN what it FEELS like, and NOTICE WHEN it shows up. This is the language of INTUITION tapping you on the shoulder. When you feel FEAR, or RESISTANCE towards something. Pay attention to this, because just maybe it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, when you need to get your CAPE OF COURAGE out, and jump boldly into the void, to unveil new possibilities, you never thought were possible from inside your comfortable, unfulfilling life. 

Learning the language of intuition takes time, and attention. Everyone has a GREAT LIFE PATH to follow and create. Make sure you are on yours with both feet. 

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