The Value Of Daily Rituals



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What is coming through me today: CLARITY, INTEGRITY, DRIVE & DETERMINATION.

Being someone who is by nature spontaneous, somewhat impulsive and who lives by intuition, sometimes I find myself shying away from STRUCTURE, ROUTINE and REPETITION, as it can result in my loss of interest, and boredom. 

I like VARIETY and CHANGE. So for me the business of MORNING RITUALS, that I have been diligently engineering into my daily life again recently, has been a challenge for me to get my head around, and WELCOME it in a NEW WAY.

Many times in my life I have had periods of routine and structure, usually imposed by other people, through the jobs that I do mostly, but also through my motivation to keep my body fit and healthy, through physical training. However, when left to my own devices, I have struggled with keeping myself accountable. Each time reinventing the wheel, trying to trick my mind into perceiving the “routine” from a different perspective each time I have failed. It has been a lifelong process of ADAPTATION! 

Recently, I have really dissected the whole concept of routine, structure and repetition, with the intention of really seeing how it can SERVE me and ultimately bring me to SUCCESS and help me stay true to my life PURPOSE and MISSION. 

For you artists, creatives and free spirits, you most likely have the tendency, like me, on occasion to get lost down rabbit holes, and spin off track in many directions as a result of UNTAMED CURIOSITY and ENTHUSIASM. 

So wrap your brain around this and try it on for size. With my FREEDOM at heart, I have now learned to see routine, structure and repetition in a new way, that is NURTURING my FREEDOM to help it FLOURISH.

By following daily rituals, I am keeping my chaotic nature from DISPERSING and essentially DILUTING. So by maintaining daily rituals, and routines as a structure, I am COMPOUNDING and CONCENTRATING my chaos and freedom, and CREATING an environment for it to THRIVE and become MORE POTENT.

So if you have WILD and MASSIVE dreams to CHANGE THE WORLD, don’t be afraid of structure and routine. See it as the CRUCIBLE for your CONCOCTIONS and CREATIONS. A place to FOCUS your ATTENTION on what matters to you. A place to keep you ON POINT, and to keep you going FORWARDS, COMPOUNDING your message, and to keep compounding your POSITIVE IMPACT on the world.

The added VALUE this brings to my life is 




to keep going forwards, living in true ALIGNMENT with who I am, and my life PURPOSE. 

What daily rituals will you be introducing into your life, with this in mind? And what value will this bring to you and the world around you? 

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