The Value Of Hindsight


Are you getting everything DONE that you set out to DO?

Or do you feel like you are SPINNING in the CHAOS of your daily life?

I think that we all feel both at different points in time. 

The past couple of days, I noticed, that I felt the SPIN, a little more than I had planned for. My daily rituals were not on point, and I have been ignoring certain things that have been scheduled in my calendar. This has just compounded, and left me, rushing, and not living from my strength.

I now have the tools to know what to do when this happens, but it wasn’t always like that.

In the past, I had a habit of SELF CRITICIZING in these moments of chaos and disorganization. I would focus on what I WASN’T doing, and I would see the situation through the lense of FAILURE and LACK, which sowed seeds of SELF DOUBT, and FRUSTRATION, inevitably making things even worse.

So, If this resonates with YOU, read on and I’ll share with you the tools I now use to THRIVE through these moments, turning things on their head, and coming out of it all in STRENGTH, CLARITY and in ACTION.

This brings me to what I want to talk about today: HINDSIGHT. 

HINDSIGHT is an essential part of anyone’s toolkit. HINDSIGHT forges


  • STOP: When you feel out of control, overwhelmed, and you think you don’t have time. Think again! My advice to you is to STOP! Even if it’s just for 3-5 minutes. Everyone has 3-5 minutes to spare. The thing is, when you don’t think you have time, that in itself, is causing you to feel stress. Well, it’s most likely, STOPPING for a few minutes, which will enable you to rediscover your centre and your direction, and then proceed to getting the things done that you couldn’t when you were living in chaos, and not taking breaks, and skipping lunches. 
  • ACKNOWLEDGE: that you are out of control, that stress levels are a bit too high, and that focus is not where it should be. Acknowledge that your OLD thought patterns are in motion, and that is what got you here. 
  • FOUNDATION: Tap back into your purpose. What is your WHY? What is your PRIORITY? What are your core VALUES, and what do you STAND FOR? Going back to your FOUNDATIONS, will re-ground you to a place from which you can see CLARITY, and move on in a CALMER, more FOCUSED way. Creating a short mantra, or power phrase, for these moments helps to focus the mind where it is supposed to be, and remind you of your direction. 
  • HINDSIGHT: Taking a quiet moment to look BACK from where you have come, to the last point where you had clarity, control, efficiency and productivity. In other words find your BEARINGS. From here, you can create your direction.
  • ACTION: When you have re-grounded, and found focus again, it’s time for ACTION and IMPLEMENTATION. You will pick up velocity whilst maintaining POSTURE.
  • VISION: From the above process, keep you VISION in the front of your mind as you move forwards. By compounding your actions your results will start to MULTIPLY, and get you closer to your vision.

REMEMBER this anagram, S.A.F.H.A.V, when you are spinning.







These are simple and effective steps, to bringing your productivity up, and to reestablish clarity in your life. 

Remember that all great Warriors, athletes, artists and anyone who has achieved mastery in anything, are always learning and NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THEIR FOUNDATIONS, by practicing quiet MINDFULNESS and HINDSIGHT, they build CONFIDENCE, from knowing where they have come from. COURAGE, from staying true to their identity, and their core values. CLARITY, from having re-established their bearings and knowing where to go from here. WISDOM, learning from their mistakes, turning them into growth and expansion.

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