What Does Freedom Mean To You?


FREEDOM is very precious to me. It is a very fragile thing, and can disappear in a single action. 

So, if you value freedom, be very aware of every choice you make. If you have had your freedom taken away from you in any capacity, you will most likely understand its intrinsic value as a virtue of humanity, which in some parts of the world have become a privilege. 

Here’s a poem I wrote about FREEDOM

FREEDOM is like water, it flows through the path of least resistance. 

Freedom is like the wind, blowing through the mountains and the trees,

Freedom is sacred, and to have it you must jump through hoops, 

You must squeeze through cracks, 

You must make sacrifices,

You must fight for it through thick and thin.

Yet it cannot be owned,

It cannot be contained.

It roams of its own free will, through the souls of the strong and courageous.

Being free is to love without attachment, and without control.

Being free is to love so wholeheartedly, respectfully and profoundly, to connect so deeply, with another and with the world.

Being free is founded on being present and appreciative of each moment lived, with no care or expectation, that it will ever be repeated.

If you have experienced freedom, you will know how rare and special it is, and that You were privileged to live it at all.

Freedom is to be able to do whatever you want whenever you want, with no burden or restraint. 

Freedom is a privilege which comes with big responsibility.

It reveals the true nature of humankind, the good and the bad.

The tormented souls, the greed of the selfish,

Freedom shines and grows through generosity, perpetually expanding through love. 

It is to be respected and nurtured, and never taken for granted, because if it is, it will flow through your fingers and leave you bare and empty in its trial.

So, treasure it, and if you choose this path, treat it with honor as the virtue it really is.

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